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Eavesdrop It Like It’s Hot, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Eavesdrop It Like It’s Hot, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 26, 2023

Sophia Burns and her stepmom, Shay Sights, have been hosting an exchange student, Emma Jade, at their home for the past week. Sophia and Emma have been getting along famously- they have the same interests, they’ve both just turned eighteen, and they JUST might have developed a naughty crush on each other. One day, Sophia and Emma are watching a movie on Sophia’s bed and Shay walks in, eyeing them suspiciously. Shay wasn’t born yesterday- she can tell when two teen girls are hiding something. And this stepmom is on to them!

After speaking with Sophia and Emma for a little bit, Shay exits the room and closes the door. But instead of walking away, Shay presses her ear to the door and starts eavesdropping on the two teens. She KNOWS something’s going on in there. They’re so young and innocent- Shay needs to protect them from doing something they’ll regret! Back in the bedroom, Sophia and Emma try to kiss each other but Shay hears them so she barges in and interrupts them. Shay claims she’s just checking in on them, but the girls can see right through her. After Shay leaves again, the teens decide to turn the tables on this nosy stepmom.

Sophia and Emma sneak over to the closed bedroom door, knowing full well that Shay is eavesdropping just next door. They grab the handle and pull the door open, catching Shay red-handed. Shay apologizes- she didn’t want to come off as nosy or overbearing, but she just wants to make sure the girls are cautious and safe. Sophia and Emma scoff- neither of them are virgins, it’s not like any of this is new to them. Not to mention that as adults, they should be able to do what they want with who they want. Shay realizes that these girls are a lot more experienced than she initially thought, and is pleasantly surprised when they invite her to join them for a little fun. Shay’s sure got some experience to share herself, and she isn’t shy to give these teens the ride of their life.