Driving Her Wild, Scene #01

April 4, 2023

Whitney Wright is standing alone on a sidewalk, dressed for a date and looking somewhat annoyed. It’s clear by her body language that she is waiting for someone. A moment later, a rideshare pulls up next to her and Whitney steps inside.

Once she’s settled in, she pleasantly greets the driver, Jade Venus. There is an instant, but very subtle, spark between them as they pull away from the curb. As Jade takes her passenger to her destination, Whitney sighs with annoyance, mentioning aloud that her date was a dud, jokingly saying that she is horny. Jade smirks at this and they strike up some playful, slightly flirty banter, with Whitney’s bad date as an initial topic of conversation. But the more they chat, the more the erotic spark between them steadily grows…

Eventually, Whitney shakes her head with playful regret, remarking that she wishes JADE was her date tonight instead. She’s a LOT more interesting than the woman she went out with… AND hotter. Jade cocks a suggestive eyebrow. Oh, is that so? Jade says flirtatiously, as if daring Whitney to make a move.

Whitney smiles, gladly taking the bait. She begins to touch herself over her clothes, fondling her breasts, caressing herself between her legs, giving Jade a sensual show from the backseat. Meanwhile, Jade glances back through the rearview mirror, a bemused and appreciative smile on her face as she watches what Whitney is doing. But Jade plays it cool, and doesn’t say anything. This only causes Whitney to up the ante and soon, as Jade finally arrives in front of Whitney’s home, they decide to take this erotic encounter from the backseat to the bedroom.