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Dean Dallas & Jayden Woods: Edge, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Dean Dallas & Jayden Woods: Edge, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 6, 2023

We find Dean Dallas seated comfortably in his chair as Jayden Woods enters the room, asking if Dean is ready. Dean replies that he is, and Jayden quickly takes control, giving Dean instructions as Dean obediently replies with a ‘Yes, Sir!’

Jayden ties a blindfold around Dean’s eyes, then leans in for a kiss before making his way down to Dean’s nipples. Jayden asks if Dean is excited – Dean replies with an enthusiastic ‘Yes, Sir!’

Jayden kneels down, pulls Dean’s hard, uncut cock through his fly, gives it a quick tease with his lips, stands to give Jayden another playful kiss, then kneels back down to devote his full attention to Dean’s dick. Dean moans with delight as Jayden throats his cock deeper and deeper.

Jayden pauses, stands, then moves just behind Dean, rubbing his cock through his shorts against Dean’s shoulder. Jayden pulls his shorts off completely, then goes back to rubbing his cock against Dean’s arm before kneeling back down. Jayden peels off Dean’s white boxers to reveal Dean’s rock-hard cock and juicy set of balls before continuing to worship it with his mouth.

Jayden brings Dean to the edge of climax several times as Dean throws his head back, moaning groaning with building anticipation. Jayden straddles Dean’s leg and rubs their two cocks together, backing Dean away from his climax before getting back to work.

In a surprise twist, it’s Jayden who stands and busts his nut first, shooting rope after rope of cum across Dean’s stomach as Dean’s cock throbs with his heartbeat. Jayden kneels down once more and works Dean up to climax, taking Dean’s load into his mouth before allowing it to dribble down the side of Dean’s cock. Jayden laps up the mess he’s made, then stands to share some with Dean.