Crashing The Slumber Party, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Crashing The Slumber Party, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 24, 2023

Three teens (Lily Larimar, Athena Faris, and Maddy May) are taking a fun personality quiz while having a slumber party. Athena and Maddy are a bit mischievous and flirty as they take the quiz, which makes Lily roll her eyes since her horny friends are soooo predictable.

They are soon interrupted when Lily’s stepmother, Sarah Vandella, checks in on them to offer snacks. The girls aren’t hungry but Sarah is curious about the quiz and longingly lingers. The friends notice Sarah’s longing expression and invite Sarah to join them. Sarah is a bit embarrassed but pleased as she joins them, though Lily is a bit annoyed.

Sarah seems over the moon as she does typical slumber party things with the teens. They take quizzes, share stories, gossip… The whole time, the friends are enamored by Sarah, obviously drawn to her. However, Lily gradually becomes more embarrassed and sulky, clearly not enjoying having her stepmom hanging around THIS long.

Finally, Lily pipes up, telling Sarah that this is supposed to be THEIR slumber party. Sarah is immediately apologetic, realizing she’s overstayed her welcome, and the friends are annoyed at Lily for killing the mood. But Sarah takes ownership as she reveals that she’s never had slumber parties of her own as a teen because she’s a lesbian and other girls didn’t want to be around her. The friends are supportive and Lily feels guilty.

Sarah is about to leave but the friends invite her to stay. However, the friends admit their ulterior motives of wanting Sarah to stay around because they’re attracted to her. Lily is exasperated, but unsurprised, by their horniness. Meanwhile, Sarah IS surprised to be hit on by the friends.

The friends start coming onto Sarah while Lily watches on in shock and embarrassment… But with a little encouragement from her friends, maybe Lily can be convinced to join in on the fun, too!