Can you use software to succeed at free hookup sites? Xxx Video

Can you use software to succeed at free hookup sites? Free Xxx Video

December 8, 2020
Channel: BFFS

Make no mistake about it, hookup websites do work. There are all sorts of guys who look like total and complete and irredeemable pieces of shit who end up getting their dicks sucked by model quality women. No, this is not a typo. No, you doing just eat a nasty pot brownie and you’re hallucinating. This is real shit. This is real life kids.

Guys who look like shit, who have no money in the bank, who have absolutely no game, at least from initial impressions, manage to hook up or get on cam to masturbate2gether. Can you imagine that? A guy who looks like a complete and total pile of garbage hooking up with pussy that you could have gotten? It makes most guys crazy. In fact, they’re besides themselves thinking about the mere possibility of this shit happening.

Well, get over it. It happens all the time. Why? There is a little known technique for success at free hook up sites. Let me pull the cat out of the bag. The technique has nothing to do with you sitting down and putting hour after hour, banging on your keyboard, trying to send message after message to all these chicks, only to get crickets. That’s right, you send message after message and all you get is a big fat zero.

The only sound that’s consoling you into the late hours of the night is that scraping sound you make when you jerk off in total and utter desperation, depression, and defeat. You don’t want that to happen. So use software. Software has been implemented since the dawn of the modern commercial computer age to simplify tasks.

Make no mistake about it. If software can help you simply your spreadsheets for work, it can also simplify the process of you getting chicks to spread their legs for you. Do you see how this works? Software at least takes all the boredom of sending all those messages. You can use software to profile all those chicks to even give you a rating as to which chicks are more likely to be interested in you.

Use as many different software as possible to automate the process of getting laid. If you’re that serious, it’s only a matter of time until the world bends over backwards because it has met its match. Stand up, man the fuck up and put in whatever work is required and for however long until you achieve victory. Victory is yours. You only need to claim it on