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Calling Her Bluff, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Calling Her Bluff, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

January 19, 2023

April Snow is at work when her boss stops by. It seems April has a bad habit of socializing while at work and her boss just wants to remind her that she needs to be WORKING while at work — their massage clients aren’t going to massage themselves. If she doesn’t resist the temptation to gab, she just might lose her job. April is sheepish and promises to do better as her boss returns to his office.

But then her friend and roommate, Oliver Davis, pops in for a surprise visit. April is immediately distracted as she chats with him but then becomes worried, explaining that her strict boss warned her that if he caught her socializing at work again, he would fire her. Of course, that’s when the boss returns.

April thinks fast, pretending that Oliver is her next client. However, the boss is suspicious and calls April’s bluff, which leads to April leading Oliver off to a private room. Once in the room, they decide to keep up the ruse so that April won’t lose her job. They’re only going to PRETEND to do a massage, but when the boss unexpectedly checks in on them, they realize they have to go through with the real thing.

After the boss leaves again, April and Oliver strip down. As April slathers her body with NURU gel, things start to heat up between the friends. As soon as she begins sliding along Oliver, the unexpected sexual tension goes through the roof. If they’re going THIS far for the ruse, they may as well go all the way with a happy ending, too!