Break Point, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Break Point, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 26, 2023

Jamie (Madi Collins), a beautiful but very naive young woman, is dropped off by her overbearing parent for her weekly tennis lesson. Jamie’s terrible at the game, but her parent is persistent and pressures Jamie to do whatever it takes to be good at the game. Jamie wants to get into a good college, right? Well, if she wants that, then she needs to be as well-rounded as possible and stand out from the rest.

When Jamie finally meets her new tennis coach, Dylan (Seth Gamble), she’s taken aback by his good looks. She goes to a private room to strip and change into her tennis outfit, making sure she looks as pretty as can be. Dylan and Jamie begin the lesson, though it’s clear that Jamie is hopeless. Dylan then decides to try a more hands-on approach with Jamie. He gets behind Jamie and helps her with her swing, his body pressed against her back and ass. Soon enough, however, Dylan’s lips find their way to Jamie’s neckline.

Jamie wants to do whatever it takes to impress her coach, so she lets him bend her over the net and rim her from behind. It’s clear that Jamie is now putty in Dylan’s hands. They have intense, energetic sex together, with Dylan teaching Jamie in more ways than one. Will Dylan’s hard cock bring Jamie to her breaking point, or will this pounding help her finally come out of her shell for good?