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Bi For Now 2 – Scene 2 Xxx Video

Bi For Now 2 – Scene 2 Free Xxx Video

March 19, 2023

Eliza Eves is very excited. A former boyfriend of hers she had met while vacationing in Russia a couple of years ago now lives in the US. Now Eliza is with her new boyfriend Ricky Larkin but he is an open minded swinger so she invites Russian Tony Sting over for the evening. When Ricky discovers Tony had spent a year in prison back in Russia for homosexuality he can’t help but feel for the guy. This was the man who opened Eliza’s eyes to the wonders of bisexual love so seeing that Tony has not had sex in well over a year since he escaped Russia she asks Ricky if he can help out. Damn right Ricky is down. This man needs some cock and pussy. So later that night when Tony was resting, Ricky came down to invite him up to his room. Eliza and him lie down naked with pussy and cock out for Tony. Now this is how you greet a foreigner with open arms. Tony gets right in the middle enjoying both wonderful treats and soon is buried balls deep in sweet wet pussy while sharing a cock sickle with his former girlfriend. The pleasure for Tony only heats up when Ricky starts fucking his ass and soon the three are doing some nice bisexual stack moves with Tony getting the best seat in the house — right in the middle. Ass full of cock and dick deep in cunt. Now that is pleasure. Welcome to America Tony.