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Aren’t You Bi? – Scene 3 Xxx Video

Aren’t You Bi? – Scene 3 Free Xxx Video

March 22, 2023

Jake Waters is one straight dude. He makes that abundantly clear from the start with a couple he has met through work that approached him about a threesome. He’s ok with sharing a woman but that sharing a cock stuff — hell no. Victoria Voxxx and Michael DelRay understand. Afterall most guys start out saying they are straight. But once that swollen and throbbing hard phallus is in touching distance they just cannot help it. So the threesome begins and both men are taking turns on Vitoria’s extremely wet and pretty little pussy. It’s just so damn nice being buried deep in there. Pulling on your man meat. Makes you want to cum so bad. It’s at this point Victoria whispers in her ear if she could please suck his cock with her hubby it would really her turn her on. You know how girls do it. Of course Jake is going to say yes. I mean, it is only a bjowjob. That’s not gay. So why does it feel so good? Why is Jake so hard with his cock being shared by a man and woman? Jake needs to suck Michael himself to show his appreciation. Afterall -there is a girl involved. Nobody knows. Somewhere in this moment Jake feels himself going over the line. He is opening up to all sorts of new feelings. He needs that cock put into his asshole. So here we are with a dude who just an hour ago said he would never touch a cock now has one buried balls deep up his outstretched asshole. Not only is he getting buttfucked this dude is loving it. After loads are shot all over the place there is only one question to ask Jake — ‘Aren’t you bi?’ I think we all know the answer to that one.