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Are You A Grower Or A Show’er?, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Are You A Grower Or A Show’er?, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 19, 2023

Man, I (Johnny Love) got a big fucking mouth. My step aunt Brianna Rose came into town & I was just sitting down to have a nice wiz when my bro called me. We got to chatting – bro shit ya know – and I tell him, I’ma bang the fat knockers right off my stepmom and he’s all like ‘you’re full of shit bro!’ Truth is I probably was bullshitting a bit, but I didn’t realize Brianna overheard the convo! Embarrassingly she calls me out and strangely even challenges me to show her my cock. It wasn’t quite ready ya know? I’m a grower not a show’er, and boy did it grow when she pulled her big MILF tits out. She even sucked & titty-fucked the ol’ grower! I think she was impressed cus her pussy was soaked & she had a few orgasms before I came on her ass. See!? Sitting down to wiz doesn’t mean shit except a clean toilet & being ridiculed by real men all the time.