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Amone Bane & Brody Fox: RAW, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Amone Bane & Brody Fox: RAW, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 19, 2023

We find Amone Bane and Brody Fox in shorts, making out next to the bed. Brody flops down on to the bed as Amone mounts him, playfully humping Brody in anticipation of what’s to come. The two strip off their shorts and Amone starts to work on Brody’s cock.Amone stands next to the bed and Brody flips on to all-fours, taking Amone’s hardening dick into his mouth as Brody reaches back to continue stimulating his own cock. Amone grabs the back of Brody’s head, pushing it further down onto his big dick.The two swap places once more, with Brody laying on his back on the bed, legs spread, showcasing his fat dick and loose balls as Amone leans in and takes it down his throat. Amone employs some dual-handed action, giving Brody an expert combination of hand and oral skills.Brody flips on to all-fours again, giving Amone access to his tight ass. Amone dives in face-first, probing Brody’s hole with his tongue and lubricating it thoroughly with his saliva. Amone pushes a finger into Brody’s hole, then rises to his knees and teases it some more with the head of his cock.The two move to the end of the bed, with Amone standing at the edge as he adds some lube, then slides his dick into Brody’s ass. Brody looks back as Amone picks up the pace. It’s not long before Amone is balls-deep in Brody’s hole. Soon, Brody starts to throw it back at Amone, fucking backwards onto Amone’s dick as he thoroughly enjoys himself.Amone reaches forward and grabs Brody by the throat, making Brody’s ass his own as he slams his cock balls-deep. Amone climbs on to the bed and lays on his back as Brody sits on Amone’s cock. We watch as Brody bounces on Amone’s dick, taking it deep into his ass as Amone reaches forward, grabbing both of Brody’s cheeks for leverage.As Amone feels himself approaching climax, he pulls out and shoots his load, which dibbles down his shaft. Brody lowers himself back down on to Amone’s cock as Amone pumps the last few drops into Brody’s hole.Brody didn’t quite catch the direction our cameraman was giving him and fires his own load all over Amone’s stomach just before we’re able to catch it on camera. However, we pan down to see the aftermath pooled into Amone’s rippled abs. Brody lifts himself off Amone’s cock as we move in to get a closer look.