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Adrian Rose & Riley Mitchel: Edge, Scene #01

March 25, 2023

We find Riley Mitchel seated comfortably in his chair as Adrian Rose enters the room with some restraints. Adrian asks Riley if he’s ready, and Riley replies ‘I think so…’ as Adrian begins to secure him to the chair. Adrian stands, adds a blindfold, then immediately gets to work kissing his way to Riley’s hardening cock.

Adrian peels away Riley’s lounge shorts, then quickly takes Riley’s fat dick down his throat. Adrian loves to give sloppy, wet blowjobs, so it’s not long before Riley’s cock is thoroughly lubed up.

Adrian alternates between deep-throating and tight-stroking, jerking Riley’s rock-hard cock as Riley throws his head back in ecstasy. Riley encourages Adrian to go ‘all the way down’ as Adrian sucks Riley’s cock.

Adrian brings Riley to the brink of climax several times, each time backing him off, taking some time to kiss Riley’s chest and nipples as Riley’s cock twitches. Riley’s entire body quakes as he involuntarily thrusts his hips upwards, wanting desperately to nut.

Ready to allow Riley to climax, Adrian strokes Riley’s cock vigorously as Riley’s cum leaks out across Adrian’s lips. Riley’s orgasm continues for an impressive while – we watch as more cum continues to leak out of Riley’s cockhead, then Adrian tastes a sample.

Adrian releases Riley’s restraints and peels away his blindfold as Riley thanks him for a job well done.