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A Score To Settle, Scene #01

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Lily (Kitana Lure) purposefully struts up her home’s driveway and goes through her front door. As she walks, there are snippets in her head of a heated confrontation between Lily and her husband Simon (Dean Van Damme) that took place yesterday. From these snippets, it becomes clear that Simon cheated on Lily with his secretary. Although Simon seemed regretful and promised to turn over a new leaf, Lily isn’t convinced…

Finally, she finds Simon sitting down, and stands triumphantly and vindictively over him. Lily declares that she was up all night tossing and turning – what he confessed yesterday made her SICK. But she is almost ready to forgive him… ALMOST. She points out that he didn’t dare tell her how many times he had cheated on her, but luckily for her, Simon had let it slip that all of his ‘business trips’ were times when he was actually having an affair with his secretary. So last night, during her insomnia, Lily checked their shared calendar and counted all the ‘business trips’ he had taken in the past year. Based on that, she counted 10 times he must have cheated on her. So she thought of a way to make things right – tit for tat, one infidelity of HERS for every one of HIS. That’s only fair, right?

Simon looks shocked and confused, begging for her to reconsider, saying that that will only make her stoop to HIS level. He says that they can get through this another way without her resorting to revenge. But Lily ruefully laughs and says, ‘Where do you think I just came BACK from?’

Simon is still perplexed… until he finally sees a drip of cum from beneath her skirt.

And here’s Lily’s ultimatum: Simon has to fuck her while she still has all those strangers’ cum inside her. If Simon does that, she’ll forgive him. And if he DOESN’T… Well…