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So You Have a Hot Step Sister

May 8, 2023
Channel: Blog News

step sister ass - So You Have a Hot Step Sister

Well , you know you have some potential problems when all your buddies are telling you how bad they want to Fuck your sister. What is worse, is when you feel the same way about her and your friends know it, They whisper back at you saying, we want to Fuck her but we know you want to also

“What is wrong with that?” I asked them in shock

“It’s incest isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve heard stories about that, but is it really incest if your sister is a Step Sister ??? ”

My heart was racing fast as I asked my friends what they thought ???

“Of course its not, they said, if she is not blood , she is not really your sister, yet I have this horrible feeling what I am doing is not right and is incest, just to a lesser degree.”

I was shocked into silence, the horror of what my friends were thinking causing me to be afraid that they would spread the rumor around school to everyone, I didn’t want anyone knowing that I had wanted to do something so dirty! My mind raced with thoughts and questions about incest until one came up which stopped my inner turmoil for a while:

“Well I can always ask my mother. I’ll tell her I want to have sex with my step sister, then see if she agrees or tells me no.”

The idea of asking my mother made me feel good about myself because I was at least being Honest that I was turned on by my Step sister porn as well as all of my friends. I was shocked to find out, that my Step sister had a Hot Only Fans as I was told by one of my buddies, that she is even much hotter here then at home and is willing to show all. Once I heard that, my mind started racing as well as the bulge in my pants was getting bigger than it ever had been before. All of my buddies told me how hot she was after school as I looked forward to playing with her. It was even getting better since my father never comes home till late at night. I could easily sneak into her room, I think she knows I want her and I think she actually wants me too, if only I could just get past the taboo and taboo of incest. If only…

I was running to class the next day to get away from the torture of walking past my Step sisters room where her window opened into the garden to let me see her as she undressed. She knew I was looking and I think she really enjoyed the fact that she was driving me crazy with lust. As the day went by, I tried sneaking into her room without any luck, so I settled for a daily routine to spy on her through the window every morning and every evening. When I walked into my room in the evening, there was always some trace of cum on the pillow, so I was glad to hear that she got horny at the same time as I did and it must make me feel that she wanted me as bad as I, her brother, wanted her. That afternoon, I saw my Step sisters door shut so I couldn’t see inside as she was gone, So when I heard a noise coming from her room I panicked and decided to listen and peek from under the door.

To my shock, she had been having sex with one of my friends for quite some time now and I watched as he ran his hand over her breasts through her shirt.

“Yes, oh god yes. Please don’t stop sweetie.” Her voice sounded muffled from underneath her clothes, which I couldn’t see very well but I knew what was going to happen. As my friend was thrusting faster feeling the warm wetness of my stepsister pussy, my cock then swelled even more when he began groaning and pumping even harder and the soft moans she was making got me even more excited.

“Oh God, Yes, that feels nice, ohhhh FUCK!!! Don’t Stop!!!” She moaned and whimpered while still taking all my friend’s thrusts, knowing she wanted him to keep fucking her like that forever. The two continued to fuck for what seemed like an eternity as I listened to the sounds of both moaning and grunting while watching my friends hard cock move in and out of my stepsisters throat as he squeezed her tits together. I felt myself getting ready to come soon and as he pumped in and out of my Step Sister, I realized I had to have her also. I wasn’t used to being turned on by another person but I was desperate to feel what my own stepsister felt like. Not only did I want her pussy but I wanted her mouth too, that beautiful pink tongue of hers, I imagined it licking my swollen member and sucking me dry of the thick cream filling my balls. It wasn’t long before I was getting closer to cumming , and as I did, I finally lost control and let go , shooting my load into my pants with a loud moan, listening to my friend continuing to pump my sister’s pussy full of sperm as I emptied my balls inside my boxers. “Ooohhhhhhh!! Ohh Fuuuuckkkk!!” I moaned as I finished cumming . My Step sister and my friend went silent. I immediately left quickly as I hear them both getting dressed. Tonight at the dinner table , it will be akward but I now have my own goal and thats to Fuck my Step Sister